Klee on Modern Art and drawings by Henri Michaux

55. Paul Klee, On Modern Art, p. 53: “The legend of the childishness of my drawing must have originated from those linear compositions of mine in which I tried to combine a  concrete image, say that of a man, with the pure representation of the linear element. Had I wished to present man ‘as he is,’ then I should have had to use such a bewildering confusion of lines that pure elementary representation would have been out of the question. The result would have been vagueness beyond recognition.”
Source: A Thousand Plateaus; Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari; p. NOTES TO PP. 342-350 □ 551
And here’s some drawings by Henri Michaux:


Drawing based on field recordings

Gather field sound material and then use it as a basis for drawings.
Pick some different types of fields, as:
- Repetitive background noise, like a train passing by
- Sporadic clustered noise, such as people walking across schoolyard / park with dogs
- Sounds of tv program/ talk show in unknown language
- Various types of silence: with different emortional charge (awkward silence, silence before the storm, concentrated silence between two loud noises, eternal silence of outer space, etc.)
- Sounds from the inside spaces: big/small rooms, bars, cafes, library, in public transport, inside own home, train station, church, theater, hairdresser, hospital, lavatory, bathroom
- Sounds of nature vs man-made: wind, car sounds, church bells, bird songs, dog bark, rain, thunder
- Sounds based on objects found in the field: knock on wood, rotating / breaking the glass, pouring/ boiling the water, clicking on switches, echo of different places, hand dryer, crumpling plastic bag.