Forming an argument

1. Drawing and graphic design have a lot in common. Therefore, a study in drawing has a big impact on graphic design practice.
2. Drawing is phenomenological, which means that it is capable of telling not only about the subject of drawing, but about the process as well. ->
3. Both the process and the subject are equally important for the drawing.
4. Drawing is rigorous in following its rules, therefore much of drawing is instructed by itself, as well as from the outside.->
5. Involvement into the drawing from the outside should be minimized, so that the inside rules of the drawing were stronger and easier to use.

Derek Beaulieu drawings for Flatland

Here’s the author’s description of the process: “For each page of Abbott’s novel I have traced, by hand, a representation of each letter’s occurrence across every page of text. The generated result is a series of superimposed seismographic images which reduce the text in question into a two-dimensional schematic reminiscent of EKG results or stock reports.”

Source:Little Red Leaves