Writing on drawing

It is fine to say, as many do, that drawing is good for you, but so is singing, and so is the Eurovision Song Contest. The high octane drawing of the twentieth century greats – Matisse, Picasso, Giacometti, Dubuffet, de Kooning, Tàpies, Polke, would be on my list, and certainly Daniel Clowes – is more than this. It breaks through the ‘sound drawing’ decorum preached in the pages of The Studio.
Pride, prejudice and the pencil. James Faure Walker. From Writing on Drawing, p. 90

Four Golden Rules of Successful Graphic Design

If you want to succeed as a graphic designer in the digital age, follow these four simple rules (will have to make this as an infographic, as a parody to all those funny infographics online):

1. Always change the colours of your design to the ones opposite to what client has in their branding.
2. Select the most obscure free font you can find online, so that no one else could open your designs without seeing it with fonts switched off.
3. Make the design too big or too small to watch on screen.
4. Most importantly, don’t forget to grumble that clients are idiots who don’t understand anything!